The college football season opens up tonight with two big games for the Bluegrass State.  With me being from Kentucky and living there all my life, I have vested interest in both of tonight's games on ESPN U.  First the Louisville Cardinals take on the Racers of Murray State, then The University of Kentucky takes on the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers!  Considering my ties to all four of these schools I will rank how they mean to me on this night when they face off, and really any other night.

4. University of Louisville - I know it may sound strange, considering I grew up in Louisville and my parents still live there, but "Cardinal" was a dirty word in my house.  We bled blue...period.  I still like to follow the Cards, but on this list they fall into last place.

3. Murray State - Murray, KY was my last stop before arriving in the Tri-State.  I lived there for 3 years and worked for the Racers' flagship radio station.  Yeah I have a little affection for them, and I think in all reality the Cardinals should look out for them this evening.

2. University of Kentucky - As difficult as it is to put them second, I will.  We could really called them tied for first, because I've been a Wildcat fan my entire life.  I still wear blue on many days of the week, so does my wife, so does my 6 month old daughter.  I LOVE the cats...LOVE THEM, but...

1. Western Kentucky University - The only time UK drops to number two in my book is when they play my alma mater.  I'm a Hilltopper first and I always will root for these guys in red, even if it means cheering against my beloved Wildcats.

Whatever happens tonight, it's a big stage for the Kentucky teams on national TV and I couldn't be happier.