Speaking from personal experience, the rivalry between University of Kentucky fans and University of Louisville fans can get pretty intense.  Heck, I'm a life-long Cats fan that grew up in the heart of Louisville.  I can say, I don't think I've ever witnessed the passion come to blows, but that's exactly what happened in Georgetown, Kentucky over the impending Final Four match-up between the Cats and Cards.  The interesting facts about this brawl is that it happened at a kidney dialysis center.

WKYT-TV in Lexington is reporting that UK fan, Ed Wilson, who was hooked up to a dialysis machine and U of L fan, Charles Taylor who was waiting his turn, exchanged words and rude gestures over which team they thought were going to win Saturday's National Semifinal game in New Orleans.  All this lead to Taylor popping Wilson in the face.  Wilson is not pressing charges, but you better believe there will be more trash talking to come when these two cross paths again in Georgetown Dialysis Center, no matter which team wins!