Lionel Richie told Country Vibe that Kenny Chesney drunk-dialed him suggesting they sing 'All Night Long' on his new Duets CD.

The voicemail said...." Lionel!! Oh my God, Lionel! Oh my God, oh, my God. My love...(singing) My looove  just thinkin' about....oh Lionel, I love you. I love you Lionel, I love you.....(singing) my loooooove....Lionel, I love 'My Love', I love you....I love you."


Lionel says Kenny called him the next day and said, " Oh, I'm sorry Lionel, I drunk dialed you, but I had to tell you how much I love you." Lionel replied, " I know how much you love me, Kenny."

I guess it worked!! Kenny will be singing 'My Love' with Lional on his upcoming duets CD!!! :-)