Ever since I heard that Kellie Pickler was set to appear on this season on 'Dancing With The Stars,' I have seriously considered changing my Monday night viewing from WWE wrestling.  After all, it's either John Cena and Randy Orton compete in skimpy outfits, or Kellie Pickler competing in skimpy outfits.  OK, I'm sold!

So far she's got the most buzz on the show as far as I can tell, along with her country counterpart, Wynnona Judd.  OK, so Super Bowl winner Jacoby Jones is there too, but who's counting.

I just envy Derrick Hough!  First he grows up in the same house as Julianne Hough and now he gets to do this with Kellie Pickler...

Courtesy of ABC.com

Wow!  This'll be a great season.  And for every thought I'll think during the show, Kellie, just go ahead and do it.