As I was scanning the internet for interesting material for us to talk about on-air, I came across what the media is calling a holiday tradition: the Kardashian Family Christmas Card. Excuse me for a moment while a grab a bucket! But wait, before I do, I need to ask you a few questions.

Kardashian family

Take a look at the pic! A close look! Now, let me ask you this.....

1. Why doesn't Kourtney's baby daddy, Scott, ever wear socks? And more importantly, WHY would you EVER put him in the center of the family picture with that look he always has on his face? His face say's to me, "I HATE these people!" But way to go Kim: even though you were obviously voted OUT of the center, you managed to sneak in the only white outfit with a print on it. Don't let the greasy haired in-law take the attention away from YOU!

2. Is this a Christmas card or New Year's Card? Does anything in this pic say Christmas? Except maybe the family pet who also has the look on his face that says, "I HATE these people!"

3. And is it just me or is Bruce Jenner stating to resemble my Aunt Carole?? No offense, Bruce, my Aunt Carole is a very beautiful woman. And someday if you keep working at it, you my be as pretty as your doctor manufactured wife. Lookin good!

4. And finally, where is Kanye? I guess he just didn't make the cut. ;-)