It's Mowvember  AND No-Shave November, a month of NO shaving. And, for those guys who love your mustache or beard SO much that you can't bare to part with it....the Beardo!!

Beardo is the world’s only beanie with a built in beard! OMG!!! How perfect! Why didn't somebody think of this before! LOVE IT!!

Looks like Q is getting a Beardo for Christmas!! SHHHHHH, don't tell. ;-)   The detachable beard can be adjusted for larger heads or worn as is to provide double warmth over a real beard—even Santa could sport this skully. The unique pattern has a hand-knit look and will keep any chin warm on the coldest of days. A great gift for that facial-hair challenged lil’ bro of yours!




The detachable beard can be adjusted and provide extra warmth over a real beard. Great for you deer hunters out there!! Order NOW!!!!!