I was talking with a friend the other day who just happened to mention how much he hates when the local TV stations break into programming for weather or the threat of such. He was incensed when his favorite show was interrupted last Friday because of the weather. As we all know, the weather on Friday afternoon was bad, especially in Boonville. There was damage all over the Tri-State area, in fact, it was hard to drive around anywhere Friday night and NOT see downed trees at the very least. I was stunned by how upset he was.

Breaking into programming is not something these stations take lightly and depending on the show, breaking in cost could them big bucks in advertising revenue that may not air as a result of the coverage. They do it to save lives pure and simple. If one life is saved as a result of the coverage, what reason would anyone have to complain about the break-in??

The threat posed by severe weather has REALLY ramped up in recent years...just ask anyone in Owensboro, Joplin, Harrisburg, Newburgh, Henryville, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama or any place else that has been hit recent years.

This coverage is necessary and can very well be the difference between life and death. We see this on the radio sometimes as well, where people will call and bitterly complain about the most mundane of circumstances. Sometimes people in all walks of life are just looking for something, anything to complain about and I say stop it already.

The next time you see Wayne Hart or Jeff Lyons break in to your favorite show, pay attention because it could save you everything, not the least of which would be your life or the lives of others close to you....and to my complaining buddy that prompted this piece....SHUT IT!!!

Below is a news anchor who went off on people complaining to their station about the weather coverage....this is epic. Jeff and Wayne are way too professional to do something like this, but you just know.......they want to!!