Leslie and I were having this discussion this morning about Hawaiian shirts because our Paddy O' Beach indoor beach party is going on right now inside the Owensboro Convention Center. It is my belief that Hawaiian shirts should be tucked in....ALWAYS... contrary to popular belief. Leslie and my wife Lisa harp on me constantly for this attitude and they both insist that Hawaiian shirts are made specifically to be worn out or untucked. They say it has to with the way the shirts are cut at the bottom. I say that's a bunch of hooey!!! By the way, Tom Selleck ALWAYS tucked in his shirt on 'Magnum, P.I.', so stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

My wife lived in Hawaii for eight years and says NOBODY tucks in their shirts there and that I would stand out like a sore thumb. We watch a show on HGTV called 'Hawaii Life', which is about living in Hawaii and they help people find the home of their dreams. Two...count 'em, two of the male real estate agents on that show wear their Hawaiian shirts tucked-in and they are both island natives...so HA!!!!

My firm stance on tucked extends way past Hawaiian shirts and should include ALL button down shirts...period! I see so many guys wearing button down shirts untucked and it drives me nuts. My wife and Leslie say it's the style and that is what I should be doing, which will never happen...EVER!

It might in fact be the style because I see a lot of guys doing it...most guys, in fact, but that's beside the point because it just looks sloppy. You know what sends me over the edge? Guys who wear a blazer or sport coat over a button down shirt that is NOT tucked in...are you kidding me...who does that?

I am sure that I will lose this argument with just about everybody, but I am holding firm in my belief that shirts need to be tucked-in...all shirts, button down or otherwise and that rule includes when wearing cargo-style shorts as well. TUCK IN YOUR SHIRTS...thank you and goodnight.