I don't think I need to spend a lot of time here pointing how bullying has become one of society's top problems along with the dangers and long-term effects bullying has on it's victims. One California Mayor is fed up with all of the discussions and says bullied kids just need to grow a pair.....what? Cameron Hamilton is the mayor in Porterville, California and made his comments during a city council meeting. To say that his remarks did not go over well is an understatement. One female council member jumped on him right away.

Porterville has established what they call 'safe zones' for kids to take refuge when being bullied. Hamilton said that he is tired of all the talk about safe zones and other solutions that don't work when all the kids really have to do is simply stand up for themselves. Needless to say, Hamilton's remarks are creating quite a firestorm, as they should. Listen to his remarks below.Be prepared to get angry.