We have talked about this at length on the morning show, in fact just last week when we were talking about top pet peeves. I have written many blogs about how we live in a society of people glued to their phones and are constantly checking them. What are we afraid we might miss? Turns out, we miss things all the time because of our total inability to put our phones away for any length of time. It's an epidemic in restaurants, bars, meetings, family rooms, cars and even on vacation!

How many stories have there been about people walking into manholes, wandering into traffic, bumping into people or things because their nose is stuck in their phone. I see people every day on Hwy 41 looking at their phones while they are driving....it's maddening.

The below video is a perfect illustration of what I am talking about and the guy who made the video is an absolute genius. This guy decides a clever prank is the best to drive the point home and drive it home he does.

He simply attaches a $100 bill to a tree branch hanging over a sidewalk, just above the head of people walking by. NOBODY......I mean NOBODY in this video sees the bill right above their head or right in front of them as they approach. This is hysterical, but very sad at the same time. This guy nailed it as you can see for yourself.....heck, you might even see yourself.