On this morning's show during our daily 'blow your mind facts' segment, one random fact was The Pledge of Allegiance being adopted by Congress in 1942 without the words "under God" until it was amended by Congress in 1954. The words, "under God", have been a hot button issue ever since they were adopted, with some saying the addition of those words makes the Pledge a prayer, while most believed otherwise.

One of the greatest clowns and comedians of all time was the great Red Skelton, who was born and raised right here in Vincennes, Indiana, and created a version of The Pledge of Allegiance that is unforgettable and incredibly powerful.

Skelton broke down The Pledge word by word in a way that is nothing short of brilliant and might even bring a tear, which you can see below and was done live at the end of a 1969 broadcast of his CBS-TV variety show. Enjoy.