This morning on Jon and Leslie Wanna Know, we talked about your vacation bucket list. We had everything from Russia to Disney World and everything in between! Check out our favorite answers and where we want to go!


I would love to take my mom and our whole family to Ireland. She is a fiery red head with Irish roots. A trip to her family's homeland has always been a dream. I would also like for Quenton and I to take a Mediterranean vacation. One full of romance, great food, wine, cool architecture, white sandy beaches and Quenton, on the beach, in Boy Short, Speedo Swim trunks. YES!!! :-)

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I really want to ride a motorcycle across the country, from one coast to the other while stopping at the best burgers places in America featured on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise.

Our Favorites

Geri Marie Crow Find my great uncles name on the memorial at pearl harbor. Also travel the whole route 66!

Rachael Drake Australia!! I want to hold a baby koala!!

Mandy Simmons To ride a giraffe. .... well that's on my regular bucket list but if someone could make it happen while on vacation then that would be awesome.
Amanda Smith To see the architecture in Dubai, to see the Northern Lights, and a tour of plantations and antebellum homes in the south (I want to go to Savannah but I'm open to areas in Mississippi too.)
Shelly Law Simmons Out West for authentic rodeos every night in the outside arenas.
Whittni Taylor Bora bora

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