Jon and I spend our mornings talking to YOU and we love it when YOU talk back. Whether you call us, email, message or comment - WE LOVE IT! I am going to start highlighting some of our favorite listener feedback. Check it out, it could be YOU!


First of all, let me apologize for the pic of Jon and I sharing an apple. But, I just HAD to share it. It took me SO long to fit him with a loin cloth, I felt I deserved to show it off!! ;-) LOL

Alright, now let's get serious. Wednesday, I got a visit from my new friend and listener, Babee.....

She brought me a gift that SHE made. I LOVE it!! What a AWESOME way to share the feeling of giving this Thanksgiving season. Thank you, Babee! (((HUG)))

Today, I read a message from Mark. He shared with us a heartfelt message about his good friend.

Thank you, Mark, for thinking of us and letting US share your story and message with everyone.

Sharon let us know that she loves to share US!  :-)

And, you know I'm a hugger. I LOVE to share hugs!!! So, when Lacey LaVarier (Lavalier! LOL) came to fill out the info so she could get her Christmas Cash, I rushed up to the lobby to finally meet her and give her a hug. On the air, I teased her about hugging me too tight to get me back for making fun of her name.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your great comments, messages and pics!!!

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