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I recently asked the question on Facebook, "Innie or Outie?' The Tri-Sate was overwhelmingly 'Innie'. There were even some outie haters. Really!!


Last week, I recieved an email from a PROUD Outie!

Hi Leslie!
I'm a new listener down here in Dallas, TX who recently discovered you online. I have been checking out your awesome archives while bored at work nonethelsess. On Jon and Leslie Wanna Know you had a feature about belly buttons which I found amazing! I may not be a Tri-State girl but I DO have an outie. I just had to share this since NO ONE seems to have one, lol. People laugh at it all the time when I'm at the pool because it looks like this:
And when I stretch, it kinda extends out like a telescope which really makes it obvious. When I was little I thought everyone had outies because both of my sisters and my mom also have outie belly buttons. Once I got older I started to find that most people think we got some weird belly buttons at our house. Even at Yoga the other day, one girl asked me if my belly button was a hernia just because it naturally pokes outward.
I saw the facebook page you referanced too and it does hurt some. People naturally hate outies. But guess what? I have always been proud of my belly button. Whether it was the pool, the beach, dance, drill team, yoga, or the gym, I have always let my belly button stick out proudly. Gosh, as a matter of fact, I think innies are weird. I mean, doesn't it sound like the name "belly button" would imply an outward apperance?
As far as why people have outies, there are only theories. I hear genetics do not play into things but look at my example. My mom always had an outie and both of my sisters do too. People kept telling us they would eventually become innies with age but I think they just became a bit less prominant instead. My sister, Allison's sticks out nearly an inch and she's 15! My feeling is that genetics might SOMETIMES play a factor but not most times. We must have an outie-dominant gene!
Thank you for being cool about it too, Leslie! You were very sweet about it. That's one reason why I like listening to you! Thank you!
- THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your great comments, messages and pics!!!

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