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Jon and I started our McDonald's wage debate and it got pretty heated!

Katherine agreed with Jon......

Let me explain my view. No, I don't think making money is wrong. It IS the American way. I wish I make more. :-) My problem is with our greedy and excessive way of living in this country. I find it morally wrong to take all the chips for yourself without sharing the spoils with others. I agree, the CEO of McDonald's SHOULD make a lot of money, but I also think that the people who HE is making money off of should be able to have a better and more fair wage. If those workers weren't willing to prepare and serve McDonald's food, he wouldn't be making that kind of money. Just because somebody does the crap work doesn't mean that they shouldn't be respected and appreciated for all they do. I would be more than willing to pay more for MY Big Mac to help ease their burden a little.

And, I can honestly say that, if I was making more money than the people I worked with (which I don't) or who worked for me, and a pay cut for ME meant that they wouldn't have to take a second or third job and apply for food stamps, YES, I would take a pay cut. I really would. you too, Katherine! :-)


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