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Our Paddy O'Beach party is TONIGHT at the Owensboro Convention Center!! If you would like to wear beach attire, you go right ahead!! Eric showed us the Hawaiian shirt he is going to wear. Jon told him to make sure it's tucked in. I said, leave it OUT!!! Who's right????

Thank you,Chad!!

If Jon won't take Chad's word for it, I have found more examples of how to wear a Hawaiian shirt that do NOT include tucking them IN!!


At work....UNtucked!

With your friend....UNtucked!!


Being my date at Paddy O'Beach......UNtucked!!! :-)



While on vacation, even Santa wears his Hawaiian shirt UNtucked!!

Whew! I'm glad we settled that. :-)

See you at Paddy O'Beach!!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your great comments, messages and pics!!!

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