Jon and I spend our mornings talking to YOU and we love it when YOU talk back. Whether you call us, email, message or comment - WE LOVE IT! I am going to start highlighting some of our favorite listener feedback. Check it out, it could be YOU!

We always start the morning with birthdays and anniversaries on Facebook. Usually you just comment the names, but on rare occasions you send us cute pics!! :-)

Jon and I ALWAYS have food on the mind......


How about FRUIT for dessert??? Apples or Oranges???

Alright, alright....we said Apples or Oranges!! lol

Looks like it is pretty much a tie!


Thanks, Eric Cornish! BTW,,,,What are you doin up this early????





- THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your great comments.

As you know, I come UNLEASHED a lot. SO, I often get emails or messages from listeners asking me my opinion about things that happen to them. This is one such email......




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