Jon and I spend our mornings talking to YOU and we love it when YOU talk back. Whether you call us, email, message or comment - WE LOVE IT! I am going to start highlighting some of our favorite listener feedback. Check it out, it could be YOU!

Ok, the question was simple...Chef or Maid?

I KNEW you would say THAT!!! HAHA!!! I predicted it!

But Amy, what if he WAS sexy AND kept the house clean? Hmmmmmmm...Wait, I need a moment. ;-)

I'm with you! Cooking SUCKS!!!



Are we MARRIED? WHAT? We had to address THAT question posed on Facebook.

Thanks for the message, Jacqueline!!


We also told you this morning that Kid Rock will only be charging $20 a ticket for his summer tour. The discussion continued about the crazy high cost of tickets. Donna brought up a good point.


- THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your great comments.



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