Saturday night was great night at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. It was WKDQ Night for the sixth year at the historic Ryman Auditorium - the Opry's most famous home. We saw great performances by Ronnie Milsap, The Oak Ridge Boys and newcomer Canaan Smith. Somehow, I wound up with a pretty loud cowboy hat on my head courtesy of my buddy Too Slim of Riders in the was an awkward moment. I was guest announcing on the stage and was warned that because it was my sixth year, Too Slim might try and shake me up a little. I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but I have seen him do that to the regular Opry announcers like Mike Terry and Eddie Stubbs.

First of all, it's the Opry and the last thing you want to do is mess up. I was right in the middle of reading a Cracker Barrel commercial when it happened. I did not see Slim walk up behind me, but I had a feeling something was amiss.

At this point I felt something go on my head, the crowd busted out laughing and I realized that Slim had put his large and loud cowboy hat on my head. He then made a comment to which I responded and picked up right where I left off in the commercial. Slim vowed to get me again and attempt to throw me off - good luck Slim, I'm on to you now.

If you listen to Leslie and I in the morning, you know I don't do hats...EVER! So Leslie, here you go, the one and only time you will see me in a hat and I'm sharing this with you because you were not there to see it. Let's not make a habit of this....PLEASE.


Grand Ole Opry