Jon Betz was the winner of our Football Pick'em Challenge. He chose more games correctly than anyone else in the Evansville-Owensboro area! Mr. Betz correctly predicted the winner of 172 games out of 256 games played with an average of 67.19% correct.

Mr. Betz has been following football since he was young. He made his football pick'em choices by actively following the sport and a little gut feeling. He's a Colts fan but also a Cowboys fan - even though it's tough to be a Cowboys fan right now.

His Big Game plans are to have friends and family over to watch the game and his prize for picking more winners than anyone else - a trip to Las Vegas - will hopefully be spent on the first weekend in March for the NCAA basketball kickoff.

John has the chance to win $10,000 by choosing the halftime and final score of the Big Game.