I gotta say, the tighter, the better, when it comes to Jake Owen and his jeans. He, unlike some artists, has a great butt. During a show in South Carolina, his fans got a quick peek at his sexy bum when his pants spit on stage.

Were those tighty whities I see? HAHA!!! Who knew! I figured Jake for a colorful, possibly printed, boxer briefs, kinda guy. ;-)

Maybe, if he is going to wear tight, skinny jeans, he should rethink the Van Halen song 'Jump' or at least the dance moves that go along with it. Easy on the JUMP perhaps! ;-) Or, he could just go back stage, duck tape his crotch and take off his shirt!!!


Ok, I like THAT better!! ;-)

Later Jake Tweeted......

OMG!!!! COMMANDO?????????????????? I'm watching the video again, and again, and again!!!!! ;-)