Martin Tremblay was a youth hockey coach in British Columbia seven months ago, and he is now going to jail for intentionally tripping two opposing players, aged 10 and 13, during the postgame handshake. One of the boys actually broke his wrists trying to break the fall. At the time, Tremblay was arrested and charged for his actions, but the other day, Tremblay received a 15-day jail sentence. Tremblay's lawyers wanted a sentence of 30 days house arrest, but the judge opted for the 15 days in the slammer, which some are saying is excessive, but most are saying it's about time and maybe this will send a message to parents and coaches involved in youth sports that this will no longer be tolerated.

As you can see in the very disturbing video below, Tremblay walks down the handshake line and for whatever reason, trips two boys near the end of the line and immediately points his middle finger toward the players and the crowd. Tremblay referred to one one of the boys as "twinkle toes" and mocked his skating style, causing the boy to cry.

Tremblay's team by the way, won the game 5-4 and his son plays for him.After the incident, Tremblay's wife left him and he says his life is now ruined and I don't have the slightest bit of sympathy for this tool.

In issuing his ruling, Judge Patrick Chen said, "Society will not tolerate the assault of children by adults. [The sentence] is a signal to other parents heavily involved in the sporting activities of their children that they must be seen as models of good and acceptable behavior and not as instigators of violence and of riotous behavior."

I personally believe the jail time is more than acceptable, even though some might feel it's extreme and excessive. This guy assaulted two little boys. I don't know about you, but I think his behavior is criminal and he should be punished as a criminal. He should also NEVER be allowed to coach again anywhere, at any level.