Easter is Sunday and the kids will be searching for their Easter baskets, which will undoubtedly contain several packages of Peeps - the most famous marshmallow treat in the world. Did you know that two billion Peeps are produced each year, with one billion being specifically for Easter?

It turns out, the company that makes the iconic marshmallow treat is called The Just Born Candy Company in Bethlehem, Pa., where they have been making Peeps since 1953 - meaning Peeps are 60-years-old this year...who knew?

Company executive Mark Wright gives us a tour of the factory and shows us exactly how Peeps are born, which is actually kinda cool in a strange sort of way. Okay, not really, but it's Easter so, let's take a look so you know exactly what to tell your kids when they want to know...even better, just have them watch this video. Happy Easter!!