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It all started with an argument....

Donald had my back!!


Others, like Connie, never heard of it!

Here is what Santa had to say....

Who knew 'Donner' has a Facebook page.


And, you aren't going to believe this but 'Donder' has a Facebook page too!

According to, we are ALL right!

Santa's reindeer were first named in "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (better known by its first line, "Twas the Night Before Christmas") in 1823. In the original printing, the final two reindeers' names are Dunder and Blixem, which are Dutch for "thunder and lightning." In an 1844 printing by Clement Clarke Moore, who is credited as being the author, these names are changed to Donder and Blitzen.>

The 1949 song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" calls them Donner and Blitzen, which are German for "thunder and lightning." This is how they're most widely known today.



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