For a decade now, Blake Shelton has shown us he is very diverse in the type of music he makes.  From his debut hit, 'Austin' and sentimental favorites like, 'The Baby' to tongue-in-cheek hits like 'Some Beach' and 'Ol' Red,' Blake has found success with every type of song.  The last three years have been Blake's biggest, however what started with a roar has kind of become a dull hum.  What's up with that?

I think you could say that Twitter was the big break for Blake Shelton, even before The Voice.  Both of those venues were able to showcase his personality to a larger audience, making him one of the biggest artists in country music.  The problem I have is that, when the boom of his career started in 2009, his songs matched that in-your-face personality.  Songs like 'Hillbilly Bone' and 'All About Tonight' really put him on the road to the top.

What has happened since then?  Well, since All About Tonight was released in early 2010, Blake has only one other up-tempo song, being 'Honey Bee,' and you'd really have to stretch to say that song was upbeat in the same way the previous two songs were.  Every other single released from 2010 to now has been essentially a ballad.

Get the edge back, Blake.  Has hanging out in Hollywood made you too mellow?  Are you letting your wife do all the rowdy songs?  Don't get me wrong, I like your slow stuff, but come on!  Look at this list of singles from then to now:

October 2009 - 'Hillbilly Bone'

March 2010 - 'All About Tonight'

September 2010 - 'Who Are You When I'm Not Looking'

April 2011 - 'Honey Bee'

July 2011 - 'God Gave Me You'

December 2011 - 'Drink On It'

May 2012 - 'Over'

January 2013 - 'Sure Be Cool If You Did'

I'm sorry, Blake, but it's time for a good old Honky Tonk song from you, or something to make us laugh!  Here...let me give you some inspiration!  Yeah, I know these weren't big hits, but you're BLAKE SHELTON, now.  You can make songs like these hits now!  Do it, and quit going soft, son!