It's an interesting question even though the answer seems pretty clear. It is just amazing how so much disfunction can be so incredibly lucrative anymore. Take the case of Brittany Kerr, you know, the former American Idol contestant that was caught making out with the the married Jason Aldean recently. By the way, the fact that the interaction between those two was so public and so out in the open - is anybody else even the slightest bit suspicious of what Kerr's motivation might have been? Maybe it's just me. You'll be happy to know that according to a story on, Kerr has been approached by Wag TV about being the star of her own show. The show would apparently center around Kerr's efforts to break into the music biz and will no doubt be a big pay day.

This is just the latest example of how behaving badly can pay off BIG TIME. We see this all the time and I don't even need to cite other examples, do I? Do something illegal, immoral or just plain stupid and get paid big bucks for it - at least that's the message being sent, especially to young people. Some people are trying anything and everything in hopes of getting a shot at reality TV and it has to stop, but the question

When somebody profits from doing something bad and lives are destroyed, sometimes beyond repair, why is it that accountability flies right out the window and the result is fame and fortune? Some might argue that there never seems to be any repercussions for these people, but I would argue that because most of these people are completely ill-equipped to handle what's coming, there lives usually wind up ruined at some point and that just feeds the cycle.

I don't know what the answer is and maybe this is an over-reaction, but what ever happened to actions having consequences? Maybe, the word 'consequences' doesn't always mean something negative. Maybe fame and fortune for sheer and utter stupidity is in fact, a consequence... you think?