I knew it!  I've had a feeling that Country Music Hall of Famers, Alabama we're thinking about going back out on the road.  We saw them team up together for the Waylon Jennings tribute album last year.  Then we saw them team up with Brad Paisley for "Old Alabama" that went all the way to the top of the charts.  Finally, the guys set up a benefit for tornado victims in their home state, where they will play together.  All of it appeared to be a "testing of the waters" for another Alabama tour.  So, what does Jeff Cook say about the possibility?  "We're talking about doing maybe 20 shows next year."  Again, I knew it!  The last time they toured was 2004, and it all ended in North Dakota.  Nothing against North Dakota, but I bet they'd like to end it all in a different state.  I'll give you one guess.  Read more about what's in Alabama's future at Taste of Country.