Indiana may be one of the next states to test out a new highway ramp design that could cut down on construction costs as well as lend itself to easier travel.

According to reports from the Indiana Department of Transportation, plans are currently being discussed to build a diverging diamond interchange just south of Indianapolis on Interstate 65. Similar interchanges are also being considered for Interstate 69 in Fort Wayne.

The new ramp design will permit east-and-west-bound traffic to merge onto highways without having to first turn left in front of oncoming traffic. Engineers say the design is safer, but it may take some adjusting before people are comfortable with it.

"The downside is it's something new, "says INDOT engineer Susan Doell. "People are going to have to get used to it.”

The design is currently being utilized in places like St. Louis, which has shown nearly a 40% decrease in crashes since the diverging diamond interchange was put in to place. If the design is approved for Indiana, the new interchanges will likely be open by 2014.