A New Albany, Indiana grandmother will likely spend the rest of her life in prison after receiving a 30-year sentence on Thursday for the murder of her son in law.

According to reports, police were dispatched to Nettie Luckett’s home in August of last year after receiving an emergency 911 call from the residence.

Police said when they arrived Luckett was pacing around at the front of the house where she confessed to having just murdered her son in law, Douglas Randolph, 49. He died from a gun shot to the back of the head at close range.

Luckett declined to make any statements regarding the murder until after her sentencing when she said, “I think people need to get together on child molesters and put them in prison for life without parole.”

Strangely, not once during the course of Luckett’s detention did she ever mention anything about Randolph being a child molester – nor did she explain what she meant after making the statement.

Prosecutors say that no reference has ever been made by her family or friends that suggest that Randolph was involved with any such activity.