A cave where scientists recently discovered the fossils of creatures that existed during the Ice Age is set to open to the public for the first time this weekend.

On Saturday, Indiana Caverns will reveal their astonishing new findings to tourists, where in addition to subterranean boat expeditions and geological formations, patrons will also have a chance to see what is being labeled as one of the most significant cave discoveries in the nation.

The cave is part of the Binkley cave system and is located about 25 miles west of Louisville in southern Indiana. And while much of this cave system has been explored for over half a century, the portion that is set to open Saturday was discovered only three years ago.

The remains of the Ice Age creatures found in this cavern were identified as being from animals, like bears and bison, and believed to have been trapped in the cave some 10,000 years ago.

The tour of this particular cave is 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs $18 for adults - $9 for children 4-12.

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