In my former life, I used to teach my high school students the art of improvisation. I would share with them tons of improv theatre games so they would be able to think quick on their feet on stage. Improv skills are a necessary part of theatre creativity. You have to totally immerse yourself in the character and the moment.

I'm not going to lie, they would have paid me money to let them reenact the 'O' scene from When Harry Met Sally. But, I thought it best to leave THAT to the professionals. LOL



Improv Everywhere, is the group responsible for the  Movies in Real Life series on YouTube. You can find everything from scenes from Jurassic Park and The Matrix to THIS infamous scene!! The scene was performed by not just one but several women.  The same deli as in the original movie was used for the filming. The reaction of the other patrons  and staff is HILARIOUS! :-)


Here is the REAL scene! What do you think????

I think they were spot on!!