The above title is not a joke, nor is it a futuristic piece of fiction. It's real and could put a serious dent in homeless and the need for emergency shelter. These tents can be fully constructed in just a couple of hours and could be a fraction of the price of a conventional structure, which could be used for many different things including a home.The tent canvas has all of the properties of concrete and is flexible enough to be shaped any way you need it to be. When constructed and finished, you have a permanent structure. Just think about the implications for providing some kind of home for people who need one and for emergency disaster shelter.

The tent comes in a relatively small waterproof package. The object is to soak the tent canvas with water and then get it inflated before it hardens. Once it hardens, wait 24 hours and you have a permanent concrete structure. This technology has been around for a few years, but is finally starting to be used and in the most positive ways and could be revolutionary in so many ways. See a video demonstration below...amazing.