When you get up at 3am like leslie and I do everyday, the last thing you want to do at that hour is make the bed. Plus, making the bed is just kind of a pain even though it is a relatively minor chore. Some of us are obsessed with chores like this to the point where they wouldn't even think about leaving the house without making the bed....I mean what if someone comes over unexpectedly? Well, the 'Smart Bed' is here. The Smart Bed is the only self-making bed that was created by OHEA, a Spanish furniture maufacturer to make our lives just that much easier. Who wouldn't want to get up and just press a button annd the bed makes itself.

The bed can be acitvated in either manual or automatic mode. The main components of the device are two mechanical arms with two rollers that automatically straighten the bedding. The pillows are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases that elevate the pillows during the process, then sets them back down.

See a demonstration video below and to see other demo videos for the smart bed, click here.