Several years ago, Leslie and her son were walking down the Christmas decoration aisle at Walgreens, when she stopped in her tracks with tears in her eyes. There, in front of her, were silver ICICLES for the Christmas tree. Her son was like, "What are those?" WHAT???? She has failed as a parent! ;-)

He asked, "You actually used those to decorate your Christmas tree?" He then laughed. He couldn't IMAGINE using them. After she told him the story of putting them on the tree one at a time and then taking them off one at a time, he was really happy that our tree isn't covered in them. lol

Although, she has never used them on only of her grown-up Christmas trees, she has a special place in her heart for the icicles. Her mom loved them, therefore, they will always a part of her beloved Christmas memories .


Even though I cursed them under my breath as a child, as an adult, they bring tears to eyes and a warmth to my heart. :-)