Ever since country took center stage on last season's American Idol, with Scotty McCreery taking the title and Lauren Alaina coming in second, the talk has been about, who might come to the country world from the show on season 11.  I've seen many potential country stars in this year's crop of talent, but please...please, don't let it be "that cowboy guy."That is the name not-so-affectionately given to Richie Lawson by his teammates in "M.I.T. (Most International Team)" on group night.  I think the group name was chosen by Lawson, and I think it's a little racist, actually.  Forget his overbearing "bad guy" personna they seem to be building for him, his voice is just not suited for country radio.  A lot of people thought Scotty wasn't ready, but his voice sounds perfect alongside the Jason Aldeans and Blake Sheltons of the world.  Richie, in my opinion is a karaoke wannabe, and should be cut before the fan voting begins.  Watch his group's preparation and performance on group day.