After I heard Jon and Leslie talking this morning about National Mom and Pop Business Day, I had to pick a place for lunch that was a mom and pop type place.  One of our regular stops that's not a long drive from our studios is on the near west side of Evansville is the Cross-Eyed Cricket.

Right on the Lloyd Expressway, The Cross-Eyed Cricket has great home-cooking and portions that will leave you passing on dinner, it's so filling.  I always enjoy eating there, but today was especially great.  Maybe it was because of the not so great service I got at a chain restaurant yesterday, where a "fried computer" threw an entire staff into a tizzy, but I digress.

Despite the sign out front that said simply, "Chicken," The Cricket has a menu so expansive, there is something there for every taste, and daily specials that only add to the variety.  For example, today on the list was Spaghetti, Lasagna, Chimichangas, Catfish Filets and Fiddlers, Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, and more.  Talk about choices!  I decided to go with the Catfish Filets and was greeted with a choice of three sides and choice of bread.  I picked mac and cheese, breaded tomatoes (a special side today), and cole slaw with the rolls, which came with homemade strawberry butter.  All of it was AWESOME, and most AWESOME of all was the service.  Maria took great care of us and really showed us what service is all about!  And isn't that really what National Mom and Pop Day is all about?