I have to admit, when I first saw this photo, I laughed and really thought, 'Hey, I should have done that pose in my wife's maternity photos.'  I was only admiring my friend and former co-worker's picture on Facebook, but didn't realize just how far that picture would go.

Ashley Hempel Photography

Laura Morgan, or 'Little Laura Leaper' as I knew her in our days together in Murray, KY at Froggy 103.7, is expecting her first little one.  As Ashley Hempel was taking some shots of her and her husband, Aaron for their maternity album, the hubby jumped in the background showing off his 'baby bump.'  Since posting the funny shot online, Hempel's photo has garnered over 112,000 'Likes,' over 1,200 comments, and over 2,300 shares.

The picture has also got regional and national coverage, including this story from AOL.



While this picture is pretty cool, it's not the MOST AWESOME of Laura's life, as she was once Supergirl to my Clark Kent at our company Halloween event...now THAT'S COOL!

Halloween 2006 - Froggy 103.7