Trust is a really big deal. Some people trust too much and others don't trust as much as they should. There are some people who simply don't trust anybody. Maybe you have been told to be more trusting of other people. No matter how you slice it, putting total faith and trust in someone else can be hard in today's world. I am a trusting person once you have earned my trust but honestly, that can take some time. If you ever betray my trust, a second chance might be hard to come by.

If you want to put trust to the test, there are ways to do that, but doing the old 'trust fall' bit should not be one of them. The guy in the below video walks up to perfect strangers and does the 'trust fall' only to be disappointed every time except once. While this video is meant to be funny, it does not speak well of people in general. If you have trust issues, this video is not for you.