This morning, Leslie and I posted a question on Facebook asking if you were a pet, would you be a dog or cat? This question morphed into a discussion about how our personalities are similar to the pets we choose, in this case, dogs and cats. I said that I was a dog person and Leslie immediately went into a deal about how I am really a cat because of my personality traits, which I totally disagreed with. Leslie talked about me keeping things close to the vest and how I keep everyone at arms length, which is actually true. I do tend to be fascinated by conspiracy theories and can be distrustful of some groups and organizations and according to Leslie, that makes me a cat.

She on the other hand, wants to be part of the action, craves interaction and can be incredibly annoying trying to get that attention. She also tries very hard to please and is very social. That by definition, makes her like a dog...whatever.

I decided to do some research on the subject and found a fascinating article in Psychology Today dealing with this very topic and as much as I HATE to admit it, Leslie and my wife, who chimed in on the conversation, are absolutely right about me, which does not exactly make my day.

According to the article, dog people are more social, extroverted and agreeable. Dog people are also considered to be more conscientious. The cat people are of course, the exact opposite and are more neurotic than dog people...more good news for me. The upside though is that cat people tend to be more open to things like art, emotion, unusual ideas and unconventional beliefs, which I must say, is definitely me.

It should be noted that the article was based on people who own dogs and cats and the personalities being reflective of which one you actually own. There is where I take exception and am a little worried.

According to the study, I am a cat person, but anyone who knows me, knows I hate cats so, what does that say about me? I am what I can't stand? Leslie by definition is a dog person, but owns cats!!! What is wrong with this picture. What does it mean if you own both dogs and cats? I think I am going to live alone on a mountain in an Airstream trailer and buy a ferret...either way, I'm done with this comparison!