After winning the 2012 Masters, golfer Bubba Watson announced that he had co-developed a new hovercraft golf cart with Oakley. The craft is called the BW1 and is able to easily glide over over water, sand and fragile putting greens. The craft actually puts 33-percent less pressure on any surface than the average human foot. The hovercraft golf carts cost about $58,000 each and one golf club in Ohio has purchased two of them.

Beginning July 27th, Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio will make the two crafts available for rental for certain events and maybe eventually, to any golfer who wants to pay the rental fee. Again, the crafts cost $58,000, so renting one will certainly not be cheap. See the craft in action below. If nothing else, this would make one heck of a great golf course beer cart...whose with me?