Hopefully YOU have never been in a car crash. I can tell you first hand it leaves both physical and mental scars that never leave you.

When I was in my early twenties, I was hit head on by a woman who turned in front of me on a very busy, three lane expressway. I wasn't driving, nor was I wearing my seat belt. Back then it wasn't required by law so very few people, including myself, thought it was important. We were on our way to class and it was a day like any other day. But it wasn't. When the car it us, my head hit the windshield, (which explains a lot! LOL) my knees slammed into the glove compartment and as we spun around, I flew out of the car. Needless to say, I survived, by the grace of God, with only minor cuts, bruises and a concussion. I'm a tough little cookie. :-)

This video brought it all back. The family in the car, talking, laughing. Having no idea what is about to happen. When I watch it, I hid my eyes, I started to shake and I felt my heart racing. It took my breath away. But, fortunately, like me, everyone involved is ok. A miracle.