It's almost that time again, as Holiday World season begins.  This year, opening day is May 5th and Leslie Morgan will be crashing the gate.  She's looking to take 98 other folks with her, and one of them could be you.

Listen between now and May 5th for the sound of the number one roller coaster in the world (AGAIN), The Voyage to speed by.  When you hear that, be caller number nine at 1-877-437-5995 to win two tickets to Holiday World so you can be one of the first 99 through the gate.  Not only can you check out The Voyage, but other top ranked coasters like The Raven and The Legend, plus one-of-a-kind thrills like The Pilgrim's Plunge.

One week after the park opens, Splashin' Safari opens with one of the most most opoular rides ever, The Wildebeest, water coaster, and now the all new, record breaking, Mammoth water coaster.  Keep listening to win your Holiday World tickets all season long from 99.5 WKDQ!