As you know, I adopted a beautiful dark chocolate brown cat from the VHS last Spring. Well, this is her first Christmas and she loves the tree. She also loves the candles candy and all my Christmas trinkets. So, I needed some pet safety tips and this is what I found.

Here are some tips I found in Sam's Club, Healthy Living Made Simple magazine:


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  •  Food - Number one rule, DON'T share with your pets. Chocolate can be toxic to dogs and bones can get lodged in their throat, stomach and even intestines. Even grapes and raisins are a no no. They can cause kidney and liver failure. Just feed safe pet food, even during the holidays.





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  •  Decorations - Holiday plants like holly and mistletoe are very poisonous. Best bet is to keep them out of the house or where they can't be reached. And, remember, cat's jump. Ribbons and tinsel can also cause major problems if ingested. Keep away from you pet.







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  • Christmas Trees - The main risk is a fire hazard. If you have a real tree, keep it well watered. Pine needles and tree water are dangerous for you pets. Knocking your tree over could lead to injury. We use a water bottle to squirt Emmy with water when she gets too close to the tree.







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  • Candles - Basically, NEVER leave a lighted candle unattended!!!! NEVER leave a pet, alone in a room, with a lit candle!!!










Have a VERY happy and furry Christmas!!