I have been surrounded by sports my entire life. Everyone from my brother to my own kids have played high school and other competitive sports. I have seen the intensity on their faces and wondered at the focus displayed during the games.

The adrenalin in pumping and emotions are high. But, are we pushing our kids so hard to win that we are opening up their primal anger instincts. Are they so focused on winning that they don't hear their inner voice telling them that you should never take the helmet off of another player and beat them with it! Maybe...


I have seen so many examples of GOOD sportsmanship and only a few good examples of BAD sportsmanship but, I have NEVER seen anything like this. I'm sure his parents are very proud.

Let all remember to teach our children, not only respect for all people, but thay losing is NOT the end of the world and it should NEVER result in violence.