I didn't start my career in radio until I was 40. Before that, I was a stay at home mom that worked part time as a theatre teacher. When radio came into my life, I suddenly felt as if the world was opening up for me. I felt there was NO limit to what I could do. But, it wasn't long before I became realistic about my career goals.

As much as I wanted to move to a bigger city and make the big money, I knew I would never be able to leave my kids nor would I make my kids leave their dad. I also found the man of my dreams who will never leave Kentucky. :-)

It's funny how things happen in your life at just the right time. My beautiful, thoughtful, grown daughter, who will soon be a mother herself, sent me this video with a message that read, 'Watch this video because I never want you to forget how important you are.'


After wiping the tears from my eyes, appreciating my own mom and all she has done for ME, I realized I wouldn't change anything in my life. MY calling was to be a mom, just like it was for my mom. And, if I do say so myself, I (she) did and am still doing an amazing job.