Since this week is National Rehabilitation Week, the folks at Healthsouth Deaconess put together a series of events putting local teams through the paces of everyday rehab activities.  The radio stations of Townsquare Media were a part of just one of the competing teams.

The team of Home Instead took home the gold competing in the four events.

1) Team members used an occupational therapy machine testing reaction times with flashing lights.  Like a giant game of Simon, contestants had to touch the flashing lights as they blinked.

2) Teams entered a relay race using walkers and wheel chairs.  We found out it's not as easy as you might think to get around on these devices.

3) The game from the speech therapy team worked on something besides speech they deal with and that's swallowing.  We competed in a timed race to get pudding through a regular straw then an imperfect straw.

4) Finally we tested our aural reaction time as we clapped along to a metronome.

It was a fun day, and an eye-opening experience as to what the staff at Healthsouth does everyday!