Jon and I recently had a converstaion, off mic, about Hunter Hayes. We often discuss new artists and their success potential in the business of country music. Jon isn't sold on Hunter, but Jon has hung out with some of the greats...Kenny, George, Garth, Reba...(yes, he is on a first name basis!! lol) so he is a harder nut to crack. We all know he's a NUT!! ;-)

During our discussion, I professed my LOVE of Hunter!! I then ask Jon have you REALLY met Hunter Hayes? Metephorically of course. So, that got me thinking that..maybe YOU haven't met him either.

Now, I woulld like to intoduce you to....Hunter Hayes!!!!

Follow this link to read a bio that Baby Boy put together and to watch the video for STORM WARNING!!

Join his fan club and like him on Facebook!

If you don't think Hunter will be a MEGA STAR after this, you're crazy!! ;-)