I think the thing that most made me want to watch NBC's latest talent contest, "The Voice" was the promo that kept running insisting that contestants would be judged strictly on their voice.  Of course that's how things went in the blind audtion round, but now it seems like things have really gone off the deep end.

If you watched NBC at all this spring, it's a sure thing that you saw a promo like this

Funny, that Javier Colon, shown in the clip, still has a very good shot at winning it all.  He has continued to show off just his voice at what brought him to the finals.  However, this show that was so much about ONLY the voice, brought us a very interesting performance last night.

Wow guys!  8 year old Thunderdome kids popping and locking, fire, and Cee Lo Green looking like a combo between Animal from the Muppets and Animal from the Legion of Doom

I'm not taking anything away from Vicci's voice, but Cee Lo sure did.  To me, I think "The Voice" just became every other talent show, all about the hoopla.  Sure it was a cool performance, but that's not what this show was based on.  But then again, that's why the show's on TV and I'm in radio.