This is awesome...we've all heard the expression 'happy wife, happy life'. That notion was once the topic in a country song by Tracy Byrd, 'When Mama Ain't Happy (Ain't Nobody Happy)' back in 1998. Men have lived on this premise for centuries, but according to a new study, not only is this wrong, but it's actually the other way around!! This might be the best news for husbands since the launch of ESPN. Can you imagine? This changes EVERYTING...I mean this revelation is right up there with finding out the world is round and not flat.

A recent study by the University of Chicago has concluded that the attitude of the husband plays a much larger role in marital bliss  than the attitude of the wife. A man's health was also very important, much more important than the wife's health....this just gets better and better.

The study looked at 953 older, opposite sex couples that had been together for an average of 39 years and found that it's all about the level of positivity for men and women. A woman's level of positivity had almost no bearing on conflict in the marriage.

Men on the other hand, who were described as having high levels of positivity, were far less likely to report conflict in their marriage. Additionally, women reported more conflict if their husbands were in poor heath, but her health, good or bad had nothing to do with it....whoa!

So guys, the lesson here is that even your wife has little to no positivity, you can still have a great marriage, but if you are a moody pain in the butt, all bets are off and you are headed down the wrong road. So, let's take this approach...when big daddy's happy.....everybody's happy!!! Now that's something to sing about. As for Tracy Byrd...he was just mistaken.