It's National Bologna Day . When it comes to this sausage, there  is quite a variety.... regular Bologna, German Bologna, Beef Bologna, Kosher Bologna, and more.

It's easy to enjoy National Bologna Day . Have a Bologna sandwich. And, don't forget the mustard, mayo, tomat and lettuce!! That's the way I like mine! :-)

From Time Newsfeed, check out 5 cool facts about Bologna:

1. What in the world IS Bologna?

A  bologna sausage contains beef, pork or a combination of the two. It usually contains the leftover parts of the animal, like organs and other gross stuff. EWWWWW!! But good!! ;-)

2. It's Named After a City

Bologna is located in northern Italy.  So next time you're trying to figure out how to spell it, Google the city. lol

3. Meet the World Bologna-Eating Champion

His name is Alan "Shredder" Goldstein, in six minutes, he ate 2.41 pounds of pork and chicken bologna. "GULP! wait....another GULP!"

4. A New York Governor, 'That's Baloney!'

In the 1930s, Alfred E. Smith, a governor of New York, used the term "baloney" to refer to the establishment in Washington. So, he gets credit for  the term I use to describe what Jon is full of every morning!!

5. Bread, water AND Bologna!

If you get arrested while protesting in Washington DC, you get a bologna sandwich on white bread and a cup of Kool-Aid.

For more cool facts, click here!!

And, I couldn't let the day go by without posting everyones favorite commercial!!!